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Charter TIPS and TRICKS

Charter Costs

If chartering the first time, before booking of the boat the first thing on your mind will probably be: how much will it cost?

The charter price (when divided on the number of the people on board) usually does not exceede the price of the accommodation in the sea view room in 4 star hotel. In adition we are advising how to decrease your charter price even more.

Charter prices vary depending on different factors:

  1. The type of the boat,
  2. Built year of the boat,
  3. Location (starting port),
  4. Charter period.

Younger boats are always more expensive – the difference in price between completely new boat and the boat 3 years older can be significant though the older boat (if properly maintained) can give you almost the same quality of accommodation and navigation performances.

For example, on Adriatic the peak season is in July and August and if you are not limited with school summer vacation or working schedule the recommended time for chartering the boat is September or June as more convenient prices are offered in these months. Besides lower prices, better choice of the boats, good weather and are just some of the advantages that give you the better value for money.

Once that you have found the boat that meets your demands please note that the price paid covers only the boat accommodation. Additional costs that will occur need to be calculated as you will not be able to avoid them: mooring fees, fuel costs, tips… Fuel cost depends on the sailing route that you are taking. For example, on Croatian coast the sailing distances are short and most of the charterers choose the routes which do not take more that 3 hours of navigation what decreases fuel costs. In case you are not sure about your fuel costs we can always help you with calculation if you send us the planned route.

Mooring fees vary from marina to marina. They depend on the size of the boat as well. The average price of the mooring fees are 50-70 EUR for the 43ft boat but the prices can always be checked on the web page of marina in which you plan to anchor depending on your sailing route. However, some of the harbors and most of the anchorages are at your disposal without any extra charge. Read more tips for mooring on the following link.