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The Mediterranean Sea is indeed worth to be called the best Yacht Charter region in the world. There is no other region with so diversified and beautiful coastline – it’s a difficult choice between gorgeous sand beaches, small bathing bays with crystal-clear turquoise water, beautiful shingle beaches, long fjord-like bays, high rocks and mountains on the shore and even stalactite caves.

Every country on the Mediterranean shore is proud of its long-lasting seafarer traditions, which contributed a lot to the development and the popularity of many sailing and yachting regions. Many harbours and little port towns of the Mediterranean Sea have unique heritage sites of the European culture from the ancient world and the Middle Ages. These are the ancient meeting and melting points of the oriental and the European cultures, which still co-exist next to each other in some Mediterranean regions, like for example in Turkey and Greece. You will hardly find cultural contrasts like this in other Yacht Charter regions of the world.

The beauty of the small and big islands of the Mediterranean cannot be expressed in words. Every Yacht Charter guest has to find and feel the spirit of the islands himself. The opulent vegitation on the coasts includes olive trees, cypresses, thujas and pine-trees, citric and almond trees, oleanders, fig trees, and of course date and banana palms.

The unique Mediterranean cuisine is based on ovile oil and Mediterranean herbs that grow here, such as rosemary, thyme, laurel, basil and sage. The Mediterranean cuisine is considered to be one of the helthiest in the world and is therefore very much beloved worldwide.

Yacht Charter in the Mediterranean Sea is not connected with unwished meteorological troubles that can occur in other Yacht Charter regions, such as seasonal hurricanes, rain or drought periods, too high air humidity, mosquitos or dangerous sea inhabitants. We offer Yacht Charter from countless Mediterranean harbours and marinas. There is always a starting point situated conveniently for your arrival. Over 2500 yachts are available for charter in Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Spain and France. Mediterranean marinas are good equipped and have high service standards. On a Yacht Charter cruise in the Mediterranean Sea, you will have maximum of comfort and fun - for sure!

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